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We will answer frequently asked questions from customers

What is the difference between your company tour guide and other companies?
Our tour guides travel around niche destinations not found in major guide companies.
Can I have a meeting with an interpreter?
Yes, I will set it. In order to guarantee accurate interpretation, in addition to the provision of advance materials, we would like to have time for meetings as much as possible. However, a meeting fee will be incurred on a fixed time ba...
Can you respond to your specialization?
Japan Interpretation Service has many interpreters to cover a wide range of fields. Each has a wealth of experience, such as academic societies, conferences, websites and evaluation conferences, as well as specialized knowledge.

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Umiyasu City, Chiba Prefecture 3-6-36 Fujimi

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Fax number 047-303-3731
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10:00 to 20:00

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Interpreting and translating based in Chiba, YAIDEAL is conveniently located for bus access from Maihama Station on the JR Musashino Line and Urayasu Station on the Tozai Subway Line. We are working on a wide range of business support, such as English and Chinese language classes and trade in parts of industrial products that are difficult to import, so please contact us if you are looking for language classes.

About us

Closer to the world

Meeting customer needs in a wide range of fields

If you are looking for an interpreter, please leave it to YAIDEAL, which has a wealth of experience.

Our highly experienced bilingual staff have business translation guides for sightseeing as well as business trips, as well as business trips in Japan and overseas.

In translation, we try to give detailed nuances carefully, and do not rely on any machine translation, and we guarantee accurate and prompt delivery with a double check by native.

In the trade agency, staff with a wealth of practical experience and language proficiency will consistently handle the creation of documents necessary for business negotiations and import and export, and will respond to a wide range of events such as the discovery of overseas products and entertainment from overseas visitors. Please contact us for more details.

We offer English and Chinese language classes in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture.

This is a place where you can practice what you have learned in other language classes, such as tips for pronunciation, casual expressions, slang, etc., which can not be learned at school or school, and are completely individualized instructional language classes that specialize in conversation thoroughly. We hold an international exchange meeting once a month and work to improve the motivation of our students. Even if you can not attend in the distance, we also support online classes on Skype, and we offer free trial lessons so please try once.

We have launched various businesses involved in languages

YAIDEAL, which develops various businesses that connect customers with foreign countries, dispatches interpreters and translators and offers language classes in order to support businesses and lifestyles aimed at foreign countries that are regarded as important in recent years. . Interpreters and translators that the company arranges are used in important situations for companies, such as sales and business negotiations, as well as sightseeing, and have received a great deal of trust from many customers. We will meet various needs such as arranging interpreters and translators in Japan as well as overseas.
In addition, we have proposed a trade agency service for companies wishing to trade with foreign countries, and we can rest assured that YAIDEAL, which has a wealth of proven procedures, will undertake various procedures that occur when trading across countries. We are well received that we can carry out business. The fee required for using the service varies depending on the period and the difficulty of ordering products. First, we will propose a price after consultation by telephone. We sincerely look forward to your business customers with foreign clients, so we look forward to your use. Please feel free to contact us by all means.